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Traditional Yang Style Tai chi


Learn and practice Medium Frame Yang Style Tai Chi Form; Push Hands; Weapons and Qigong.  Affiliate of Gin Soon Tai Chi Federation Headquartered in Boston.  Located in Bayonne New Jersey offering Tai Chi and Qigong in Bayonne.



Instructor Choi started learning Tai chi 37 movement and 60 movement Cheng Man Ching forms beginning in 1994.  He also studied 3 years of Hung gar with Master Yon Lee.  From 1997 through 2005 he studied traditional Yang Style Tai Chi at Gin Soon Tai Chi Federation and was given permission to teach by Chu Sifu in 2005.



Instructor Choi learned Yang Style Qigong during his studies.  In addition he learned with Dr Yang Yang of Center for Taiji Studies Hun Yuan Qigong for 3 years.  He also have studied Yi Ren Qigong with Brendan Thorson and Wudang Meditation with Lindsey Wei.

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